For a brief overview of how our programs work together to create a holistic settlement support system, check out our Programs Path Diagram.

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After School Programs

The goal of IRCOM’s After School Program is to assist newcomer children and youth to positively integrate into their new environment in Canada.
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Asset & Capacity Building Programs

IRCOM’s Asset Building Programs (ACBPs) aim to build the capacity of low-income households to manage their finances and save money for the purchase of assets that will yield long-term benefits for individuals, their families, and their communities.
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Child Care Program

The Child Care program provides access to on-site training for newcomer parents with small children.
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Common Ground, Stronger Voices

Through authentic partnerships with Indigenous peoples and organizations, IRCOM strives to enhance relationships and foster understanding between newcomers to Canada and Indigenous peoples, moving us further along the journey of truth and reconciliation.
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Community Resource Program

CRP works to connect immigrants, refugees and refugee claimants with the resources and support they require in order to succeed in their new environment. CRP and its staff provide newcomers with support services, community linkages, training and referrals that will enable and empower clients to live independently in a Canadian context.
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Early Childhood Development Hub

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Greening Program

In the summer of 2007, the Greening Program began with a handful of growers utilizing the 1000 sq. feet of balcony space at IRCOM Ellen to grow vegetables and herbs from Canada and their home countries.
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Newcomer Literacy Initiative

The Newcomer Literacy Initiative (NLI) provides Adult English as an Additional Language (EAL) literacy classes to immigrants and refugees who cannot access mainstream programs due to childcare commitments or mobility issues.
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Volunteer & Community Services Program

IRCOM provides many essential community services to its tenants and the surrounding neighbourhood through the help of our committed volunteers.