Asset & Capacity Building Programs

Empowering Financial Futures

IRCOM’s Asset Building Programs (ACBPs) aim to build the capacity of low-income households to manage their finances and save money for the purchase of assets that will yield long-term benefits for individuals, their families, and their communities.
To be able to help participants meet their goals, our program includes the following activities:

Money Management Training classes adapted to an English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) format with culturally relevant information about transportation loans and the Refugee Assistance Program (RAP),

Matched savings credits that are added to the funds that participants save on their own,

Peer support and the opportunity to share their experiences with money, ways to deal with issues such as the pressure to send money back home

One-to-one support from IRCOM staff.

There are very specific criteria for participating in an Asset Building Program, and registration happens only at the beginning of each new session. However, you do not have to live at IRCOM to access the program.
Click on the following links for more information about each Asset Building Program IRCOM offers:

To qualify for IRCOM’s Asset Building Program you must…

Be a newcomer to Canada in the past 5 years

Be at or below the program’s income cut-offs (ask ACBP staff for further details)

Have a strong desire to improve your financial future

Meet other criteria specific to your savings goal

Not be a past Program participant of either SC or IDA at IRCOM or other agencies

How do I apply?

Contact the ACBP Coordinator at 204-306-9851 or by email at to register for an Information Session or for more information.

IRCOM's Asset & Capacity Building Programs are offered in partnership with...

SEED Winnipeg Inc.

IG Wealth Management

The United Way of Winnipeg

Assiniboine Credit Union

The Province of Manitoba