Child Care Program

Supporting Newcomer Parents

The Child Care program provides access to on-site training for newcomer parents with small children.

By providing much needed childcare, the program allows parents to attend English language classes as well as a variety of workshops and courses that support both the parents and their children in their transition to their new community. Our dedicated childcare team works to welcome newcomer children into our safe, nurturing, learning environment using an inclusive model that incorporates mental, physical, and emotional growth. This holistic model promotes a learning curriculum rooted in play and provides engaging activities that work to develop the mind, body, and spirit of the child. One of the key factors of our success is the diversity of our staff team. The child care staff team alone represent 14 different languages.

The Child Care Program first emerged as a grass roots child-minding initiative that found a need and filled it. Over the years it has formalized into a childcare program. Many of the childcare sessions we offer follow CMAS regulations. We offer short term programs that are just a few sessions a year, as well as long term programs that run the school year.

IRCOM’s Child Care Program is available to participants in IRCOM programming or workshops. To find out if Child Care is available in your program, please contact the Child Care Program Manager at 204-306-9872