Early Childhood Development Hub

The IRCOM Early Childhood Development (ECD) Hub is a newcomer-focused childcare hub in Manitoba.

With 20 licensed child care and respite spaces (4 infant and 16 pre-school) provided by Freight House Early Learning and Care, along with weekly parenting programs and individualized home visits, the IRCOM ECD Hub is uniquely tailored for refugee parents and their children.

The ECD Hub is an Abecedarian Inspired Child Care Centre. Staff are paired with a group of children to ensure delivery of the program, consistency, relationship building and accountability.

In 2019, a report from Health in Common highlighted the incredible achievements and outcomes of the ECD Hub. The study demonstrated that children in the ECD Hub experienced improved language development and improved emotional symptoms while their parents experienced enhanced feelings of belonging, academic/personal life balance, and improved communication with their children.